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Regrowth & Density
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2D Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss - Birmingham

A clever combination of two powerful hair regrowth treatments in one cutting edge package.

x4 PRP treatments - taken monthly - used in combination with the included Laser home care system, can produced results in as little as only 8-12 weeks.

Suitable for both men and women with mild to severe hair loss, including natural thinning hair, alopecia and extension loss.

What causes hair loss?

Clinical studies have shown a build up of Testosterone, can play a major part to play in the roll of hair thinning and loss. PRP & LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), are the most powerful treatments available and in combination, provide not only immediate treatment and an immediate halt in further hair loss, but ongoing maintenance for years to come, keeping the regrowth healthy and full.

Low Level Lasers can gently 'chip' away at the Testosterone build up, which can suffocate hair follicles, forcing them into a chemical conversion phase change (ADP to ATP).

Contrary to popular belief, not all hair loss is due to a loss of hair follicles. We cannot see below the scalp with the naked eye and it is believed that around 73% of hair follicles are lying dormant under the scalp, in simply a 'halt' phase.

So how does it work?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), involves taking a small amount of blood, spinning to oxygenate in a centrifuge device - which separates the red blood cells from the plasma element - supercharging the stem cells and growth factors.

The plasma is introduced via syringe into the thousands of skin channels created from the initial Fractional Micro Needling procedure, which uses the revolutionary SKYN PEN - an automated 12 micro needle device that pulsates at 1200 rpm into the scalp. A Lidocaine topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment to ensure a virtually pain free procedure.

A new generation is PRP, removes the antiquated requirement for superficial injections and replaces it with two treatments in one. Fractional Micro Needling, not only 'stimulates' the hair follicles, but provides thousands of channels instead of the usual 48.

No risk of rejection is present, due to the nature of the host blood.

A PRP and Laser combination can stop further hair loss.

Treatment is suitable for both men & women, from mild to severe thinning and hair loss, extension damage, Alopecia and highly recommended post hair transplants.

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

1 Hour


Redness, Swelling, Brusing

Results Duration


Back To Work







Continual Improvement*



How Many Treatments

1 - 4
* Results may vary and can not be guaranteed
Prices & Discounts
How Much Does It Cost Price From RRP
Full Treatment PRP Treatment x4 & Laser Cap (Home Use) £1500

2D Hair Loss Treatment FAQ’s

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Its important to understand that both a treatment and product combination are required to achieve expected results.

Your skin specialist will recommend the best product and home care device to enhance your advanced clinical treatments

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