Dr Louise Fitzpatrick


Dr Louise Fitzpatrick
(M.P, h.c)

Clinical Director

Doctor Louise Fitzpatrick (M.P, h.c) Biography

In 2012, Dr. Louise opened her first skin clinic and due to a huge response for effective, cutting edge non-surgical treatments, Aesthetica was relocated to a central location in Great Barr, Birmingham (M6, J7).

It soon became a multi award winning Aesthetics clinic, offering the largest treatment selection in the UK.

Dr. Louise is highly regarded within the Aesthetics industry for introducing innovative treatment combinations and solutions for the most complex of presentations.

Qualifications include a Doctorate, Nursing Diploma, Phlebotomist and a Nutritionalist.

Certifications include Physiology and Anatomy, Foundation and Advanced Botulinum and Dermal Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), IV Vitamin Nutrition Drips and Booster Shots, Blepharoplasty, Fractional Micro & Manual Needling, Laser and IPL Core of Knowledge, CryoPen, Advanced Peels, Fat Freezing, Laser Lipolysis, PDT Therapy, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, HIFU, Laser Hair Rejuvenation, Painless Laser Hair Removal, PDO Threads and Professional & Cosmeceutical skin specialist training.

Designing clinical equipment and supplying to clinics worldwide, only cements her underpinned knowledge of technology and confidence for her client base.

In addition, Dr. Louise is the lead trainer at the International Aesthetic Institute on all non-surgical procedures.

Being extremely experienced and qualified, Dr. Louise is also a rare Level 7 Aesthetician, therefore all procedures are exemplary, with a high priority on infection and safety controls.

The continual investment in extensive training Doctor Louise undertakes year on year, endures her knowledge is not only current but highly advanced and her practical skills are still used on a daily basis.

Chosen specialties are Skin Concerns, Hair Loss, Fat Reduction and Facial Sculpting.

True to form, Dr. Louise has consistently thought outside the box and developed cutting edge combination treatments to resolve concerns and provide instant results with long term benefits.

Blogs and Vlogs are a passion to advise and educate on the importance of skincare and revolutionary new options.


An innovative leader of our time, presenting on TV and Radio to spread the word about her work.

Driven, Compassionate, Workaholic

Theses are words often written about her in her personal quest to change lives.

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